Information on Piaggio for all the bike lovers

Piaggio is a brand well known for designing, manufacturing and distributing motor vehicles and also compact commercial vehicles. Piaggio & C.SpA is an umbrella brand under which exist seven different brands. With headquarters in Italy, Piaggio and its subsidiaries employ more than 7 thousand people producing a total of more than five million vehicles in 2014 alone. There exist six different research and development centres under Piaggio, and they operate over fifty countries. Amongst the most popular models manufactured by Piaggio are Piaggio Vespa, Piaggio Vespa elegante, Piaggio MP3 500 Sport ABS.

Two wheeled vehicles under Piaggio & C.SpA include:

Vespa –

As already discussed this brand of scooters is manufactured by Piaggio. Vespa means wasp, and these scooters are popular for their vintage and chic styles altogether. These scooters are famous for the pressed steel and painted body, which is combined with enclosing engine mechanisms to conceal the grease or dirt in the engines, a flat floorboard for proper foot protection and of course the prominent front wind protection.  There have been 34 different models of Vespa until date and in the present day, five series are already in production.

Aprilia –

The technological signpost in the motorcycle segment of the Piaggio group is Aprillia. Aprilia revamps its range of products with every passing year. This brand mainly distributes sports bikes.

Derbi –

Being one of the key players in the motorcycle world competition, Derbi is the first step for most young people who just started exploring the world of motorcycles. They not only stress on attractive designs but also practical usage.

Gilera –

Another brand that distributes sports-oriented bikes and focuses on the products for the young generation of bike lovers is Gilera.  Using advanced technological solutions, they offer an amazing biking experience.

Moto Guzzi –

Another recent addition to the Piaggio group, this is another brand of sports bike. There are innumerable Guzzi owners and there exist over 25 thousand Guzzi motorcycle club members.

Piaggio –

 A wide range of creative, original and comfortable solutions for the mobility of metropolitan individuals are provided by Piaggio. The scooters are designed while keeping technological innovations, respect for environment and safety in mind.  They launched a new model, Piaggio MP3, and it is the ideal scooter as it not only has three wheels but also is enormously economical and immensely powerful. The new Piaggio MP3 is a dream come true for the fellow metropolitan people.

Scarabeo –

This is another one of the premium brands in the Piaggio group. The main motto of Scarabeo is offer uniqueness and elegance. The neo-vintage appealing collection of scooters would awe anybody.  The designs of these two-wheelers stand out, and are absolutely incomparable. This brand is the most exclusive among all the high-wheeled scooters.

Commercial vehicles from the Piaggio group –

The Piaggio group also offers vehicles to all those clients who require a vehicle to meet the commercial and professional mobility requirements. Hence, a range of vehicles which are compact, agile, have a huge load capacity, and are eco-compatible are provided.

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Get Affordable Rates and Excellent Services for Smash Repair

After a smashup, one of the steps you need to take before introducing your vehicle back to the road is visiting a BMW smash repair centre. This process is meant to restore the vehicle’s body to its original condition. The costs you will incur will depend on a variety of factors, some of them being the repair shop you visit, the extent of damage, insurance coverage and others. Like other vehicle owners, your principal concern is to pay the least amounts possible and get the best service for the body restoration work. Here is how you should go about it.


Exercise your Freedom of Selecting a Smash Repair Center

It is unknown to most vehicle owners that the selection of repair centre to visit is at their discretion. Many think that they should only take their vehicles to repair shops that their insurance companies recommend, which is an inaccurate position. Finding a cheap Audi service center does not mean that you should use the shop recommended by your insurance company. In fact, such a repair shop may not provide the best services as its management may have enticed the concerned insurance company with low costs. The damage estimate that your insurer will make should be inspected to ensure that it covers everything. If possible, it’s always advisable to get an independent estimate just to make sure that everything is included.

Identify the Damage

Well, this may seem obvious but it’s not as many vehicle owners cannot identify certain parts in their cars. The point here is to assess the damage personally before calling in an expert so as to prevent misunderstandings later on. Next, consult an expert to identify what repairs are needed. It is at this juncture that you will find out about the length of time it will take to complete the process. Take advantage of this meeting to negotiate lower smash repair prices and gather tips on how to keep costs down.

Paintless Repair of Dents

Ask a BMW smash repair specialist about the presence of paintless dent removal services and their suitability in your situation. In most cases, these services are best used if the paintwork on your vehicle is intact after the crash, meaning that a fresh coat of paint is not a necessity. It is also a desirable option for small dents. The process involved here features the straightening out of the dented area by pushing them from beneath.

Used Replacement Parts

A BMW smash repair process will, in a majority of the instances, require the replacement of several damaged parts. These include headlights, bumpers, door handles and many others. Instead of opting to buy new parts that will inevitably raise the costs of the repair exercises, consider the use of aftermarket parts.  However, you need to exercise caution when selecting these parts to avoid alternatives that may cause corrosion or other problems in your vehicle. Experts from the cheap Audi smash repair centre you visit will be happy to recommend the best parts as they are experienced in such exercises.

Other Considerations

While the repair work is ongoing, this might be the best time to get that upgrade to the vehicle’s performance and looks that you have always desired. The few days that the smash repair experts will take working on your vehicle are sufficient to allow the necessary alterations to take place. Remember that you will also spend less on fuel and get a more efficient car if you upgrade BMW performance.

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Tips for maintaining your Peugeot

Peugeot cars come in a wide range of styles and models to satisfy the various needs of different users. Additionally, every year there are new releases that are an upgrade of the previous models. Since a Peugeot car is powerful and complicated, there is a need for good maintenance practices so that they remain in good working condition and maintain longevity. Therefore, maintenance practices such as washing, polishing and waxing ought to be done on the exteriors as well as the interiors of these cars. Below are some of the tips that a person can put in place to get the most out of your all-New 208 peugeot or any other model you are into.

All-New 208 peugeot

Wash, polish and wax your Peugeot

Taking care of the car’s finish is very fundamental if you are looking forward to maintaining the aesthetic value of your car. The first step usually is to wash your all-new 208 peugeot. You have to rinse it thoroughly using a car shampoo as they are specially made to remove dirt gently. Every time you clean your Peugeot, also ensure that you polish it. Wax should then be applied to cover the imperfections on the car surface.

Clean the interior of the Peugeot

Having an interior that has been well maintained gives the owner a pleasurable experience when using their car. Their resale value will also escalate. If there are any interior fabrics such as carpets, they should be vacuumed occasionally and cleaned. Areas like the dashboard of your Peugeot 208 5 door should also be remembered. An interior polish should as well be applied to add moisture to the trim of the car and prevent the plastic on the dashboard and other areas from drying out and cracking.

Change the oil

Oil is essential in keeping the engine of your car lubricated so that it can run smoothly. To maintain the car, therefore, you will need to change the oil. The owner’s manual will direct you on how often you should be making the oil changes according to the model and year. The manual will also show the oil viscosity that should be used. This is important to keep the engine wear to minimum.

Keep tyres inflated

Tyres are rated for recommended air pressure, and the required pressure is usually found on the sidewall of the tyre. Keeping tyres of your all-new Peugeot 208 gti inflated with air to the level indicated lessens wear and tear that results from driving and also reduces the strain on other parts of the car as well. An air gauge can be used to help check on the air pressure and air compressors can be utilized to inflate the tyres at home.

To ensure proper maintenance of your car, whether a used Peugeot 308 or an all-New 208 peugeot, the car owner ought to employ the maintenance practices stated above. Also, driving the car gently and avoiding fast and accelerated speeds will lengthen the service time your Peugeot will be with you.

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Convenience for Wheelchairs in a Car

No more reasons to leave your wheelchair behind only to hire or borrow another one on arriving to your destination. No more having to stay behind while others go on tours because it will mean extra cost to ship your wheelchair, and no more inability to drive your own car to other places because it cannot accommodate your wheelchair. The struggle is over! Talk of convenience and accessibility, talk of wheelchair vehicles.

wheelchair vehicles

These are modified versions of normal vehicles with the aim of accommodating your wheelchair. Wheelchair vehicles solve a major problem with disability, making it possible to travel with your wheelchair. They enable you either to travel as a passenger or driver with your wheelchair; the best part is either way you get to sit on your wheelchair. These come in different sizes and shapes depending on the type of car used to get the disability vehicle. This dream comes alive courtesy of the dedication of customer patronized companies like Brotherwood.

Brotherwood as a company has dedicated its time to design and modify standard vehicles into wheelchair vehicles since 1985. With their level of attention to details, great commitment that has left their customers satisfied over the years, any customer is in the right hands. Whether your desire is to buy or hire, new or old, they are out there to fulfill it to the latter. You are guaranteed a comfortable and safe journey and you get a vehicle that neatly balances between accommodating your wheelchair and blending in perfectly with other vehicles on the road.

Motability vehicles come in different modified shapes and sizes. They incorporate either a ramp that is built in or a lift if the vehicle is large; ability to get into the vehicle from either the side or the back; enough room to accommodate the wheelchair by either lowering the floor or raising the roof according to your specifications, and tie downs for wheelchairs. The smaller ones come with ramps and can carry up to four passengers, with the wheelchair included. Medium size version is mostly fit for travelling with four or more passengers with extra space to carry equipment. The larger size is best for larger group of passengers and more equipment.

Different car models can be turned into disability cars; this even includes leading car brands. When being modified a lot of social aspects are considered. Among the available brands at Brotherwood are Volkswagen Sharan that can accommodate five people. Caddy life edition brings with it a more Golf like feel with wheelchair positioned just behind the driver, while the Caddy Maxi brings with it extra space enough to carry an extra scooter.

Peugeot Partner Tepee-Gold lion has been given a Brotherwood touch and modified into a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) that enables the passenger to travel besides the driver and have the same view as well comfort. Other models include Kia Sorento vision, Ford Carete just to mention but a few.

You can always pay Brotherwood Automobiles Limited a visit between Monday and Friday. Its physical location is at Pillar Box Lane, Beer Hackett, Sherborne in England. You can either call on 01935 87260301935 872603 or visit the website ( for more details. Live a full life, travel wide but first visit Brotherwood.


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The Overtaking Trend of Ridesharing and its Benefits to the Customers and Drivers

Has Uber overtaken the taxi industry in Australia? A report published last February of this year stated that if an Australian gets an Uber ride instead of a taxi, he or she can save up to 800,000 hours in a year. On top of that, another study revealed that it takes longer to hail a cab (8 minutes, to be precise) than ordering rideshare services. At present, the Uber market has been operating without regulations; it is only legally operational in NSW and ACT but they have yet to be legalized in Victoria and other parts of the country. By the end of the year, Western Australia and Queensland will wrap up the review on the Uber rideshare permit. By the time of its Australian launch last 2014, Uber has gained more than 10 million smartphone app downloads and rides to people. There are also many businesses that sprung in the cooperation of the industry like car rental services with Keyz rental cars and other similar trades. They benefit individuals that would like to be an Uber driver but doesn’t have the required modern car. People also reacted positively with Uber’s advent, saying that ridesharing services are way safer, cheaper, and more economical than hailing taxis.

So, why work on the sides as a ridesharing service driver?

Anyone who wants additional financial stability will gladly take on side jobs. Maybe you’re looking into increasing your personal budget. Or maybe you’re tired of your nine-to-five routine. Perhaps you just need extra cash for something you want to purchase. A legitimate way to make money in this modern age is with the help of the Internet. You can work from home, work part-time, or engage in seasonal jobs. The transportation network companies (TNCs) with their ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft have devised a great way for you to make extra income by just driving around! All you need is your car, your driver’s license, and a clean record. Today, it isn’t even a problem anymore if you don’t have a modern car. With businesses such as Keyz rental cars, you can both earn as an Uber driver, and get your own car! Car companies such as Keyz rental cars have devised ways to do away with pesky and expensive car loans by you working for ridesharing companies driving the car of your choice while slowly paying it off that way. Being a ridesharing driver is a great side hustle for people working the nine-to-five grind since it’s all easy! Just connect with potential passengers via the app, give them a ride to their destination in your personal vehicle, and get paid electronically.

Still not convinced? Here are some more benefits in becoming a ridesharing driver:

·         You can work flexible hours at locations of your choice. You can work after your day job, on weekends, or even thru the night.

·         You don’t have to deal with cash. All the payments are done via credit card so you don’t have to worry about handling the cash while going around.

·         You don’t need to worry about getting passengers. The smartphone app will inform you whether a passenger near your area needs a ride.

·         You can be more social and casual with people of different walks of life.

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